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Achieving a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health requires a lot of effort, discipline, and a little bit of research. Keeping yourself active is one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle but you can also incorporate vitamins and supplements to help you achieve your goal. The good thing is that nature has provided us with a lot of natural medications and supplements that are beneficial to our overall health. You may have heard about virgin coconut oil, but have you heard about CBD oil and its benefits? It may be a challenge finding CBD oil in Paradise Valley, AZ because there are not a lot of CBD stores with physical locations in the city. But you can always purchase from online CBD retailers and have it delivered to your home. Wondering where to buy CBD oil? We can help! Cannabal CBD provides a list of CBD oil stores near your or online CBD retailers that offer discounts and delivery services. To help you find the best CBD oil for you, you can check our list of stores below.

Stores that deliver CBD oil in Paradise Valley, AZ:

CBD Pure oil in Paradise Valley, AZ

1. CBD Pure

  • Extremely affordable prices
  • Very fast shipping to Paradise Valley
  • Organic products with a wide assortment, including CBD oil, CBD pet products for dogs and cats, CBD cream and CBD capsules
  • Coupons: 10PERCENTOFF - takes 10% off your order.

Try The CBD in Paradise Valley, Arizona

2. Try The CBD

  • Lab-tested for premium quality
  • Products include CBD gummies, CBD vape oil, CBD crystals and CBD vape pens and cartridges
  • Specials: buy one, get one 50% off. No coupon required.

Maddyn CBD oil Paradise Valley, AZ

3. Maddyn

  • Plant-based ingredients and product assortment that includes CBD Tincture
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping to Paradise Valley
  • Coupon: WELCOME35 - 35% off your first order.

Buy Joy Organics CBD oil in Paradise Valley, AZ

4. Joy Organics

  • THC-Free CBD Oil, with flavors include tranquil mint, natural, summer lemon and orange bliss
  • Other products include CBD dog treats, CBD bath bombs, CBD sports cream and a sampler pack
  • Coupon: STAYWELL - 20% off all products

Healthworx CBD store Paradise Valley, AZ

5. Healthworx CBD

  • Organic ingredients and non-GMO, with other products that include CBD isolate powder, CBD shatter and CBD topicals
  • Free shipping to Paradise Valley and other parts of Arizona on orders over $75
  • Coupon: 25FLASH - 25% off your order

Is CBD oil legal in Paradise Valley, Arizona?

There are a lot of natural remedies available over the counter everywhere, but CBD oil’s legality varies per state. Why is that? Why is this plant-derived oil illegal in some places? That’s because it’s made from cannabis extracts. Cannabis is a plant genus that can be further categorized into hemp and marijuana, the main difference is that marijuana extracts will get you high while hemp extracts won’t. For years, hemp and marijuana were treated the same but after the 2018 Farm Bill took effect, hemp was legalized and now we can find CBD oils in stores near us. Under the said law, hemp and hemp products with less than 0.3 percent THC are legally accessible within the US. But this does not make hemp and products derived from it completely legal everywhere, states are allowed to implement their hemp regulations.

So, is CBD oil legal in Paradise Valley, AZ?

Yes, it is if the oil is made from hemp extracts and contains less than 0.3 percent THC, under the SB 1098. You can still find marijuana-derived CBD oils in the Paradise Valley area in state-licensed marijuana dispensaries, but you can only purchase those if you have a medical-marijuana ID that you can obtain by registering in the state’s medical-marijuana program.

Do I need a medical prescription to buy CBD oil in Paradise Valley, AZ?

CBD oils made from hemp extracts are available in CBD stores, health stores, and even supermarkets. You can purchase it even without a prescription or medical-marijuana ID as it is totally safe to consume even at high doses. However, if you are looking for marijuana-derived CBD oil, you need to register in the state’s medical-marijuana program first. This program is supervised by the Arizona Department of Health Services and only approves patients with conditions they consider eligible. To apply for a medical-marijuana ID, you can visit their official website.

Is CBD oil safe?

Reading that CBD oil is made from cannabis extracts might make you wonder if CBD oil is safe to consume. The answer depends on which plant extract the oil is made of. As we have mentioned earlier, CBD oil can be made from hemp or marijuana. But why does the government allow CBD oil made from hemp to be available to everyone but not marijuana-derived CBD oil?

Marijuana and hemp are broad categories under the plant genus cannabis, but they differ mainly in their THC content. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive chemical compound that gets people ‘high’ and addicted. Hemp plants do not produce as much THC content as marijuana plants do, it is usually less than 0.3 percent. This is why CBD oil made from hemp extracts can be bought even without prescription because it is totally safe to use. Marijuana-derived CBD oils are still available but only to people with medical-marijuana ID. Although THC can be dangerous to human health, the government decided not to ban it totally as there are patients that need it to manage their symptoms.

Now, what is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol, like THC, is a chemical compound found in marijuana plants. But unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive and will not get people high even if consumed at high doses. With CBD, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting intoxicated or addicted. CBD oil is only one of the many CBD variants you can buy in Paradise Valley, AZ. If you visit CBD websites online, you’ll find CBD gummies, CBD candies, CBD lotions, CBD creams, and even CBD skincare products.

CBD oil can be directly applied to the skin, be added to food and beverages, or be taken orally. If you don’t feel comfortable adding the oil to your food, you can buy CBD pills or capsules instead. The dosage depends on your weight, your medical condition, and the concentration of CBD. It would be best to consult a physician especially if you are taking other medications. There are a lot of physicians that recommend CBD oil in Paradise Valley, you can search online and find a clinic near you.

Top CBD stores in Paradise Valley, AZ:

1. Confidential Cannabis Cards – Radiant Health Partners

Address: 10010 N 52nd St, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, United States

Phone: 480-366-4580

2. Nature’s Secret CBD

Address: 10320 N Scottsdale Rd #18, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, United States

Phone: 480-703-7442

3. Arizona Botanicals CBD

Address: 10320 N Scottsdale Rd #18, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, United States

Phone: 480-770-5002


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