CBD Oil in Massachusetts

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol, most known as CBD, is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. It is the second most prominent compound next to THC. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. That means consumption of CBD oil or any other CBD products, does not make you high as long as the THC content is low. The emerging popularity of CBD oil in Massachusetts has led to a wide variety of other CBD products available in the market. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill that allowed all states to cultivate, sell, and consume hemp and hemp-derived products for medical, recreational, commercial, and research purposes; CBD can be bought from stores across the state. Also because of the Farm Bill, researchers can now study CBD further and hopefully prove it as a cure to more diseases. Even though it is legal to buy and sell CBD in Massachusetts, the FDA still warns the public about the questionable health benefits of CBD. As of today, there is only one FDA-approved CBD infused drug currently being used to treat seizures.

Hemp vs marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are both from the same plant genus, the cannabis. The said two are broad categories under cannabis. Cannabis plants are considered hemp if its THC content is below 0.3 percent, otherwise, it is marijuana.

In most states, marijuana-derived products are considered illegal unless the patient has a doctor’s written recommendation or has a medical card. However, whether hemp or marijuana-derived, CBD oil in Massachusetts is completely legal as long as it has low THC content. Because of this, there is an increasing number of recreational cannabis stores opening in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, it is legal to possess CBD oil containing THC above 0.3 percent, but it should not exceed 1 ounce, for recreational use.

Benefits of CBD oil

The emerging popularity of CBD oil in Massachusetts and other states will make you wonder what magic this oil has. Because of the laws recently signed, researchers were able to learn more about the potential health benefits of CBD. In one study, the participants reported a decrease in the number of seizures while taking CBD along with their daily epilepsy medication.

More consumers are also using different CBD products to help with their anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems. Cancer patients are also trying out CBD oil because it was reported to have anti-inflammatory effects. Other than that, CBD also helps patients improve their appetite thus helping cancer patients regain their strength.

Is CBD oil legal in Massachusetts?

Yes, CBD oil in Massachusetts is legal as long as it is not infused in food, beverages, and dietary products; it has a THC content of less than 0.3 percent and is derived from hemp.

Following the 2014 Farm Bill, the state implemented a Hemp Program under the responsibility of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). MDAR oversees the licensing, inspecting, and certifying industrial hemp crops to ensure that the crops do not exceed 0.3 percent THC. However, the said department does not regulate sales of products derived from hemp, including CBD oil. Additionally, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) also released a statement that says CBD in food, beverages, and dietary supplements are illegal in the state.

CBD licensing in Massachusetts

To cultivate, process, or sell industrial hemp in Massachusetts, it is required to obtain an MDAR license. This license is issued by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, the department overseeing the state’s Hemp Program.

Medical marijuana card in Massachusetts

For patients in need of CBD oil with higher THC content than what is currently allowed, it is required to obtain a medical marijuana (MMJ) card. The Cannabis Control Commission oversees the state’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Where to buy CBD oil near you in Massachusetts?

There are a lot of CBD stores in Massachusetts, some you can find online. CBD products in Massachusetts can also be bought from pharmacies and medical dispensaries. To find a CBD store near you in Massachusetts, you can view the list below.