CBD Oil for Bone Healing & Broken Bones

Imagine hopping happily down the stairs as you think about heading to the gym and suddenly land wrongly as you hit the next step! The searing pain invades your body and you sit on the stairs to wait for the pain to abate. The next thought is how to quickly to get the healing process going and you look up and see an ad for CBD oil. Looking it up online will provide the necessary information, where research points to this all-natural remedy being efficient at easing not only the symptoms that a broken bone gives in the beginning and as it heals, but it also helps the bone to heal faster. Different bones require different pressures that will cause them to fracture. We will explore what kind of diseases and trauma can end up resulting in a broken bone, as well what certain diseases. CBD oil helps people get back their normal active routine.

What happens to a bone when it breaks?

Knowing what physically happens in the process of a bone breaking can help someone to decide what can treat their symptoms best. Diagnosing if a bone is broken or only bruised needs to be determined by a visit to a doctor and an X-ray. There are different types of broken bones that are categorized by severity. For example, a compound fracture may require surgery instead of the simple fitting of a cast. Bones break due to an outside force being more than a bone can handle. They are strongest in youth and can weaken as people age, causing them to be more susceptible to breaking.

Fractures can occur in a variety of ways. It’s simply a part of physics and nature. They can break in any direction and in multiple spots at one time. Breaks are classified according to the way that the break in the bone presents itself.

  • Compound (open) fracture – the bone may pierce the skin.
  • Transverse fracture – horizontal line in the broken bone.
  • Oblique fracture – a diagonal or angled break in the bone
  • Comminuted fracture – a break in three or more places
  • Greenstick fracture – the bone bends and cracks but does not fully break. Usually seen in children because of their bones structure and density.

Whether the bones are aligned or not is another distinction:

  • Non-displaced fracture – when the bones are aligned
  • Displaced fracture – when the bones are not aligned

Bones may also be considered stable or unstable in addition to the other labels. Individuals who have unstable breaks cannot put weight on the area. What kind of break has occurred is what will establish the plan of action for its treatment.

What makes a bone susceptible to breaking?

There are various reasons that a bone can break. One of three reasons are said to be the cause of broken bones, which includes:

  • Outside force
    • Bones can only handle a certain amount of pressure and will break if too much force is exerted upon it from events like football, car accidents, and falls.
  • Weakened bones
    • Bones contain a certain density that is maintained with proper diet and health, but they can weaken due to age and certain underlying health conditions that include osteoporosis or infection.
  • Bone stress
    • When a bone is overused or used repetitively, the muscles can become too fatigued to do its job in supporting the skeletal system. This causes stress on the bones, causing small breaks, otherwise known as hairline or stress fractures.

How to treat a broken bone:

Medical treatment is a requirement for a broken bone; however, the patient is usually at the doctor’s office, emergency room, or radiography department only long enough to be diagnosed and place a cast. The rest of the care is up to the patient and family members if necessary. Depending on the severity, surgery may be necessary to place structural fixation that may include screws, metal bars, and pain medications may be prescribed; however, CBD oil can help alleviate the pain, as well as the inflammation that causes it.

How does CBD oil help oil help breaks in bones?

Every animal possesses an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that consists of endocannabinoids that affect or bind to receptors that are scattered throughout the body. They are concentrated in the brain, spinal cords, and nerves, but are located in and affect the function of every part of the body. Since the ECS is responsible for the maintenance and balance of each system in the body, it also reduces inflammation in the body that causes a variety of other issues. The cannabinoids (CBD) that is extracted from the cannabis plants is legalized in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. CBD oil will not produce the psychoactive effects but will produce the same results as if it were involved. CBD works in the ECS the same way that the naturally produced endocannabinoids do, helping to create a stabilization that isn’t there when illness or injury is present.

Alleviating the pain is the major focus in the beginning because a broken bone causes damage to the nerves that exist in the area … not just the bone, but the muscle and ligaments surrounding the bone. The pain isn’t the only problem in the healing process. It involves waiting for the discomfort of the swelling to go down, as well as the length of time that it will take to heal. Not to mention the atrophy of the muscles and the need to rebuild their strength. A study produced by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research states that CBD has been shown to help strengthen the bone and heal fractures. It develops more mineralization in the bone tissue. THC was also studied and doesn’t help in healing like CBD does.

Functioning after having broken a bone is much different compared to just being able to run to the mailbox or even walk through the store. Many will require the use of crutches to avoid putting pressure on it and some will even be wheelchair bound with months of recovery ahead of them. Why not incorporate an all-natural alternative into the regimen with CBD oil, whether it’s used as an alternative to prescription medications or simply to take control of one’s medical treatment? CBD oil may help quicken the rate of bone healing in addition to reducing the amount of inflammation and pain that is felt every day. It would behoove anyone with a broken bone of any sort to take advantage of the benefits of CBD oil to promote bone health and healing.


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