CBD Oil for Candles

People use candles to create an atmosphere of relaxation and happiness, and the addition of CBD oil with its beneficial qualities can greatly improve even the best of experiences. Their flames remind those who gaze upon them of happy times that involved the warmth of sitting around a fire enjoying the company of friends and family. Using candles makes people feel good mentally, as well as benefits their physical health. That means that burning candles with CBD oil in them creates a sense of complete well-being. Modern technology and research have shown that some candles can be harmful to health with waxes that contain chemicals, so ensuring the use of specific waxes can prevent their damaging effects. Adding essential oils and CBD oil lends to the burning medium of a candle leads to an ambience and addition element of healthy living.

How did the use of candles come about?

Candles were essential thousands of years ago as a source of light and heat before electricity was discovered. People found that any fat with a wick in it would burn. The basic structure of them has not changed throughout the centuries; however, individuals have experimented with different burning mediums, from whale fat to olive oil. About 200 years BC, people discovered that wax from boiled cinnamon would burn. One of the most common waxes used was, and still is, beeswax. People then discovered of the efficacy of synthetic materials. Different wicks also offered the ability to control the amount of time a candle would burn. Burning candles can also be used to tell time if the burn speed of the candle is known. After the invention of electricity and its widespread use, candles were no longer a necessity, but they will always have a significant place in life. They offer relief from the darkness during emergencies and an ambience that is not easy to replicate by other means.

 What are the benefits of burning candles?

Having a candle lit in a room can induce a sense of calm. The sense of smell can trigger long-lost memories, creating emotional responses. Smell and memory are closely linked in the way the brain functions. Think about walking by a man who is wearing the cologne that Grandpa used to wear when you were a child and the nostalgic feeling that flows. Not many people realize that it can benefit not only their mental health, but their physical well-being, too. How do people benefit from burning candles in their living space?

  • Improved atmosphere
    • A variety of well-placed candles in a home creates a coziness that cannot be easily found in other ways. They are used in spas and therapy rooms to help ease the mind, in addition to being used in meditative practices. Add in a few essential oils and the calming effects of CBD oils and reap the rewards.
  • Celebration and romance
    • Everyone who watches movies knows that a candle is an essential part of the table setting for a romantic dinner. They also make wedding and party centerpieces perfect. This includes celebrations of the life of a loved one. Candles are lit in memory of those who have left this life before us.
  • Décor
    • With the variety of shapes, sizes, and smells available, candles can add flare to every room in which they are placed. Citronella ones can help deter insects when enjoying the outdoors and CBD can add calming effect.
  • Pleasant aromas
    • Scented candles not only are used a way of creating a relaxing atmosphere, but they can be placed in the kitchen to kill odors. Their smell can create a comforting smell, like yummy apple pie, or a woody, masculine atmosphere.
  • Health and wellness
    • Self-care is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, and candles with CBD oil and other essential oils can induce a sense of calm. They also relieve anxiety in the process.
  • Meditation and prayer
    • Lit candles offer a focal point for those who meditate and help people visualize what they are in search of. They have also been used for centuries in churches and during prayer.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Every animal possesses an ECS (endocannabinoid system) that is the regulator of the body’s processes. It consists of neurotransmitters that relay the messages throughout the body and receptors, which are concentrated in the nervous system but spread throughout the entire body. If there is an imbalance from injury or disease, the messengers either bind to or activate the appropriate receptors to elicit the necessary response. Its job is to fix the problems that have risen, whether it’s a symptom or an underlying issue.

CBD, or cannabinoids, are extracted from the cannabis plant and are legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the component that creates the “high” that is unsavory for people who need to function throughout a normal day. The receptors react the same way to CBD as it does to its naturally made endocannabinoids (the messengers). The endocannabinoids are manufactured only when they are needed, so when they system is overloaded with pain or inflammation, CBD becomes extremely useful in helping the system to rebalance itself and can prevent imbalances from occurring in the first place. It can be used in many ways that include:

  • Direct application to the skin, which is the largest organ of the body
  • Inhalation – lungs quickly absorb and use what they breathe in
  • Oils and pills can be swallowed or put under the tongue

CBD oils have proven themselves in plenty of clinical studies to relax and heal certain parts of the mental and physical parts of the body. When incorporated into the wax of a candle, organic CBD oil alone is beneficial to transform the area into a spa-like and happy atmosphere that also provides health benefits. Combined with essential oils, it’s a whole new experience. CBD oil candles are great for massages, reduction of pain and inflammation, and helps with restlessness and anxiety. Anyone wanting to experience the meditative effects of burning candles can elevate their experience with the use of CBD oils in candles.


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