CBD Oil for CrossFit

Working out and consuming a diet in the way that will help the body stay healthier longer and work optimally is not just a trend, but needs to be maintained as a lifestyle in order to feel the positive effects throughout life. Incorporating supplements like CBD oil can elevate the results of exercise regimens such as CrossFit. People appreciate exercise in a variety of ways. For some, there is comfort in executing the same movements and eating the same foods every day; however, for many, the challenge comes in variety to keep it interesting. When an individual decides to start a regimen, it takes a great deal of effort to learn the nutritional value in all the foods to understand their effects; however, it quickly becomes a part of the normal routine. It’s easier for someone to stick to an exercise regimen that is fun and to which they look forward, so the diversity in movements is the appeal of CrossFit. Organic CBD oil can not only enhance workouts but lessen the pain and inflammation of recovery.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit has grown in popularity as people realize its benefits, with over 14,000 facilities aimed at the specific goals implemented in this comprehensive program. It provides a regimen of safe and effective training and nutrition that caters to each person’s differed lifestyle. It helps individuals who have focused on improving their body’s health for years, as well as those who have only just started learning how to improve their lifestyle. This means that each day the workout is chosen to match the abilities of the participant. A different workout is suggested each day so that every part of the body has its time to shine. There is no need for anyone to worry about it not being the right choice for them because it can accommodate any age and any fitness level. Workouts are designed to push the body to its limits, so the nutritional aspects of CrossFit training help fuel the body so that it’s adequately prepared for what it will endure.

What is involved in CrossFit training?

CrossFit workouts are a combination of exercises and weightlifting both meant to build muscle and provide cardiovascular benefits. The programs offer a workout of the day that promises six-packs, fat-burning, and intelligent programming with weights and cardio. Knowing the basic terms can help someone to understand the regimen. They are:

  • WOD – workout of the day
    • A prescribed workout from CrossFit affiliate gyms to members. It typically stays around 20 minutes, allowing flexibility so that those who are in better shape do more and those who are working up to it need less.
  • AMRAP – as many reps (or rounds) as possible
    • This pushes someone to their limits and is different for everyone, mentally and physically. It creates motivation to keep going with the short time limits.
  • EMOM – every minute, on the minute
    • Using a timer, each round makes you work for a minute as hard as possible to earn a minute of rest. It’s used as motivation to get results.

A combination of high-intensity moves is designed to be done in sequences without a rest between them, but with a one-minute recovery between each cycle. CrossFit creator Greg Glassman has designed a variety of extremely effective workouts for those who want to work up to a high level of performance. Recovery of any exercise regimen can be painful with the muscles inflamed as they repair themselves, with which CBD oil can help.

What are the dietary recommendations of CrossFit?

Working as hard the body does in a highly intense training program, the food and liquid that are consumed are an important part of the design. The design of the body’s composition can change dramatically with diet alone; however, the addition of exercise provides a complete package. Eating the right foods can impact how much muscle is built and how much fat is lost. Logic states that if someone works out five days each week, they have five opportunities to improve their body. If they eat three meals a day and one snack, they have 28 chances.

As a general standard, the CrossFit website recommends that participants eat meat and vegetables, limiting carbohydrate intake. They can eat nuts and seeds, some fruit, and no sugar. Levels should not be able to support body fat but will support the amount of exercise required of it. The diet is designed to minimize inflammation and control blood sugar, which, in turn, helps to:

  • Curb hunger
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Reduce risk of diabetes
  • Reduce obesity and other diseases associated with it

A zone and CrossFit adapted plate will look like the following:

  • 1/3 protein
    • skinless chicken breast, fish, lean beef, and low-fat dairy
  • 2/3 healthy carbs
    • Colorful, non-starchy veggies and fruits with low glycemic index (GI)
  • Small amount of healthy monosaturated fat
    • Olive oil, avocados, and nuts

Some trainers don’t use the zone diet and will suggest the paleo diet, which doesn’t allow dairy, grains, or legumes. A combination of the two diets or an adaptation to vegetarianism is also possible.

What is CBD Oil?

While the exercises are intense and the diet is made to reduce the physical side effects it creates, supplements whose efficacy on inflammation and pain can be a vital part of an effective lifestyle. CBD oil is a supplement that can not only be ingested in pill, tincture, or oil form, but also comes in cream and lotion form to be topically applied directly to the affected area, providing immediate relief.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD, or cannabinoids, are extracted from the cannabis plant and put into a variety of forms for use in improving well-being. Each animal has an endocannabinoid system consisting of messengers and transmitters. The messengers (or endocannabinoids) are only made as they are necessary to bind to or activate the receptors. CBD acts the same in the body as the naturally made endocannabinoids, so if the system is overwhelmed, the addition of CBD can be helpful in assisting it in its job. These components are all part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for balancing the majority of bodily functions. Since receptors are clustered in the nervous system, as well as being scattered throughout the entire body, two of the main things that it is effective at are pain and inflammation.

No one can improve their health by doing only one thing, whether it be diet, exercise, or supplements. They can, however, sculpt and chisel their way to a healthier body, mind, and spirit with the mixture of the three. CrossFit combines them all so that the nutrition fuels the body and limits the damage incurred by the highly intense exercise. The CBD oil then helps to shorten recovery time while helping muscles heal without the pain and inflammation that may occur that is natural when pushing the body to its limits. CrossFit is a comprehensive program that an overwhelming number of people have found results with, and CBD oil helps improve each person’s ability to improve their lifestyle as they see fit.


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