CBD Oil for Dogs with Dementia

Losing a beloved pet is always difficult; however, watching a beloved family friend slowly lose its sense of self is a torturous process for anyone to endure. Organic CBD oil can help dogs handle the mental and physical incapacities that accompany the aging process. Just like humans, when dogs age, they are faced with a wide variety of health issues to battle, from cancer to losing vision and hearing. Pet owners everywhere fear for the day they see signs of their beloved dog losing its senses. How can they possibly prevent this fate for their best friend? They can do so by establishing a healthy diet, lots of exercise, and daily doses of CBD oil. An owner may be able to give their pet a long and happy life up until the very end.

What is dementia?

Dementia in humans is a collective term that is used to describe a set of symptoms that represent a cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases with one tenth of people over the age of 65 having some degree of this heartbreaking disease. With a new case of dementia being diagnosed every 4 seconds, it is one of the deadliest diseases. Though it typically is found in seniors, dementia is not a normal part of aging and can also be found in younger people. What about dementia in dogs? Dog dementia is a term categorized for neurobehavioral disorders, also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunctions, or CCD. The four subcategories for dementia in dogs, or CCD, are:

  • Involutive Depression
    • Occurs in later years of a dog’s life
    • Is shown to stem from untreated anxiety
    • Symptoms include:
      • Wandering around aimlessly
      • Lethargy
      • Problems with sleeping too little or too much
      • Decreased brain capacity
      • Decreased vocalization
  • Dysthymia
    • Dogs often get stuck in places that are easy to get out of due to lack of awareness
    • Can stem from diseases like Cushing’s or long-term exposure to steroids
    • Symptoms include:
      • Disrupted sleeping cycle
      • Constant growling and uncharacteristic aggression
      • Whining, moaning, or barking out of turn
  • Hyper-Aggression
    • In older dogs, hyper-aggression is associated with a dysfunction of serotonin distribution
    • Can stem from cortical tumors
    • Symptoms include:
      • Loss of communication with both people and other animals
      • Cannot process communication signals
      • Aggression like biting, clawing, and growling
  • Confusional Syndrome
    • A steady decline in cognitive abilities
    • Reflects how Alzheimer’s effects humans
    • Just as in humans, causes are typically unknown
    • Symptoms include:
      • Forgetfulness
      • Refusal to drink or eat
      • Confusion
      • Wandering around aimlessly
      • Getting lost easily
      • Staring at nothing
      • Sundowning (cognitive abilities falter in the evenings)

Is dog dementia treatable?

Although there is currently no way to treat or reverse the effects of CCD in dogs, just like in humans, there are many things an owner can do to help their beloved fur baby. The most important step is to continue to treat their dog as best they possibly can, flaws and all. Any dog suffering from any of these conditions deserves the best possible care that they can get. An owner should know to be patient with their dog’s strange behaviors and continue to uphold a regular routine for their pet. There are some experimental drugs one can gain access to, but their testing has been limited and is still in the early stages of research.

Even if an owner cannot take away their pet’s diagnosis, they may be able to prevent the onset of CCD in their pet’s early years. With a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and the implementation of CBD oil, anyone may be able to keep their dog enjoying a long and healthy life.

How does CBD oil help dogs with dementia?

CBD oil, on the rise in the last decade, is extracted from the cannabis plant, better known for its production of THC. CBD oil is legal in the United States, unlike its sister component, THC, as long as it contains only 0.3% THC, which is not nearly enough to produce the infamous “high” people can experience from THC.

CBD oil may not fully bring back a dog suffering from dementia’s memory or cognitive behaviors, but it can make a pet as comfortable and painless as possible. Not only has CBD oil been proven to lower stress and anxiety in dogs, but it can also subside the well-known pains of aging joints. If someone’s goal is to keep their pet comfortable and possibly slow the decline of their CCD diagnosis, then CBD oil is the perfect next step to take to ease their dog’s fears. This will help maintain their best possible performance during an immeasurably difficult situation.

What is CBD oil?

The cannabis plant has been in use for thousands of years, people of all ages taking advantage of its incredible medicinal properties. It wasn’t until the 1930s that cannabis in all forms was made illegal because of the stigma and lack of research surrounding it. In the last decade there has been a surge of medical studies conducted with CBD and THC, both extracted from the cannabis plant. With an increase in use, people and animals alike can now reap the benefits offered by CBD oil, from anxiety and depression relief to decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy for various cancers. A full spectrum organic CBD oil that has been carefully chosen has been proven to be just as effective in the endocannabinoids system (ECS) of every animal as its naturally occurring endocannabinoids. This means that any benefits a person with dementia can receive from CBD oil can also be given to dogs suffering from CCD.

Relieving the symptoms that a dog with diagnosed CCD can be extremely crucial to their continued comfort and progression of their disease. One’s dog shouldn’t have to suffer continuously from the stress and anxiety brought upon them by their dementia, and they can find their relief in the CBD oil given to them by their owners. If a pet owner decides to add a dose of CBD oil into their dog’s food bowl once a day, it can make a huge difference for their ailing pet. Any owner of a dog suffering the effects of dementia should see how CBD oil can assist their pet in slowing their disease’s progression and relieving already present symptoms.


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