CBD Oil for Muscular Dystrophy

Will CBD Oil used for Muscular dystrophy eliminate the need for heavy duty pharmaceuticals?  Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a topic that is difficult to write about, as it involves the wasting away of muscles in children. This article is about MD, specifically Duchenne muscular dystrophy, (DMD) which commonly affects infants.  It is a heredity disease that has no cure.  All forms of treatment that are used, only aim to mitigate the symptoms and foster a better quality of life, however short.  Included in the gigantic list of heavy-duty medications, there is hope that, through more extensive research, CBD oil will come out on top.  We all know CBD is the safest alternative, but it will remain to be seen how effective it really can be.

The General Overview

Muscular dystrophy is a degenerative, neuromuscular disease that encompasses a variety of rare conditions.  The one we are focusing on, Duchenne, is the most common.  It usually affects boys, in rare cases, girls.  It is characterized by the loss of muscle mass and progression of a weakened state.  The abnormal genes that make up the disease interfere with protein production and therefore halts the forming of healthy muscle.

The following are symptoms of neuromuscular diseases:

  • Balance problems
  • Constant falling
  • Muscle loss
  • Soreness, cramps, pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Cardiovascular function

Difficulty in:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Performing sports
  • Going up stairs
  • Getting up and down from any position
  • Getting on and off toilet
  • Raising or keeping arms up
  • Breathing
  • Eating, swallowing
  • Thinking

The many things we take for granted, those diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, simply cannot perform.  It is almost certain that by the teen years of a child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, estimated at about 13 year old, they will be confined to a wheelchair, often needing a ventilator to breathe, and incapable to taking care of oneself.

More than 30 disorders are included in the muscular dystrophy diagnoses.

Chronic pain is a symptom commonly reported by sufferers of the disease, as well as muscle spasms, stiff joints, pressure sores, and inflammation.

The list of prescribed medications is too long to list, its side effects too great to describe.  Depending on what difficulties manifest themselves, there will be the specific medicine needed.

Muscular dystrophy patients are often given opioids or corticosteroids to manage chronic pain and inflammation.  Most of us already know the baggage that these substances carry with them.  On top of being highly addictive, their short-lived efficacy may not bring the relief so many may hope.  Also, drugs in the category of opioids can take away more that they give.  Especially when you are talking about kids.  The opioid abuse epidemic worldwide, is a constant headline.

Of course, there is no guarantee that one can be rid of these powerful pharmaceuticals, by the drop of a magical liquid by the name of CBD.  But, why would you not try it, if your options have become so limited.  CBD is a non-euphoric, anti-inflammatory analgesic, proven in randomized clinical trials to manage cancer-associated pain, central neuropathic pain, and rheumatoid arthritis, with nominal side effects.

CBD has also shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and interactions with various other neurotransmitter systems.

It does not have to be black and white, of course.  CBD can be used in conjunction with other medications, upon consulting with your doctor.

More clinical trials need to be performed in order to truly bring out the efficacy of CBD.  Although there is a litany of anecdotal evidence praising CBD oil on its use to treat a myriad of conditions, it is time that more of our tax dollars be put toward proving that we have entered a new era of medicine, namely plant medicine.

With diseases out there like muscular dystrophy, and other degenerative hereditary conditions plaguing families who just want to stop the suffering, we can do better.

Now that cannabis has taken centerstage in the plant medicine world, people around the globe are changing the laws that govern this issue.

The fact that marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug under federal jurisdiction in the US must be challenged.  When these legislations change, the whole industry of cannabis will also change, allowing more research, study, and development.  It will also remove the stigma associated with the plant, which is truly a wonder weed.

For so long, the much maligned cannabis plant, lay dormant, with its extraordinary components wasted.  Now we have a chance to bring it to life and show what it can really do.   The amount of suffering that it can alleviate, finally allowed to shine.

It is not magic, it is just powerful, in a good way.



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