CBD Oil for Cats

One of the most common and beloved household pets is the cat. Known for their aloof attitude, house cats are prized among families for their endless hours of entertainment. The domestication of the cat is estimated to go back to at least 12,000 years. The most notable domestication seen in human history can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where cats were worshipped and coveted by everyone, even royalty. This doesn’t mean that cats are completely domesticated, even after thousands of years of human companionship. A study conducted by expert Gwynn Guilford on the cat genome suggests that cats are only semi-domesticated compared to their canine counterparts. Cats know that they have a reliable food source prepared and served by their humans, but they just as easily know they can go out and hunt dinner if necessary. Although it seems like they depend on their owners, cats still have the animalistic properties found in the wild. Regardless, their humans just want to love and care for their furry friend, wanting their beloved cat to live their life as comfortably as possible. Nothing can achieve this better than applying the use of all-natural CBD oil in a cat’s healthy diet.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant, which is more popularly known for its concentration of THC. CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant, sans THC, which allows one to experience many of the positive effects of marijuana consumption without the “high” with which it’s commonly associated. Legal concentrations of THC can be found in most CBD oils, but with only >0.3% allowed, there are no psychoactive effects produced. This naturally occurring plant introduces the cannabinoids into the pre-existing Endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in every vertebrate. This system is responsible for maintaining the body’s equilibrium when effected by outside stimuli from the environment. CBD oil can create lasting positive effects that can help a wide array of issues, from mental to physical.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

The study of CBD oil in humans has only recently become popular as more and more health benefits are uncovered. From helping to reduce anxiety to chronic pain relief, CBD oil can increase the quality of life for anyone willing to try it in addition to a current regimen or as an all-natural alternative to other medications. Although it may not necessarily cure ailments in cats, CBD oil possess the opportunity to help the fur baby live a complete and healthy life. Just as no two humans are the same, cats will physically react to the use of CBD in different ways. CBD oil has been shown to stimulate serotonin receptors in a cat’s brain, leading to more long-term mental and physical benefits. One should always consult with their vet before giving their cat a dose of CBD oil, but the general consensus leads to proof that cats are overall happier and healthier after exposure to CBD oil.

What are the benefits of CBD oil in cats?

The ECS in cats worked the same way it does in humans. The benefits humans can reap from CBD oil is remarkably similar to those a cat can experience. There are hundreds of reasons that one may consider using CBD oil to benefit their cat’s lifestyle, most notably helping to relieve painful symptoms of chronic illnesses, as well as mood issues. It can also be used as a preventative measure to ensure a healthy cat remains that way. Some issues CBD oil could solve in one’s housecat can include:

  • Arthritis – As felines get older and their joints age, pain and discomfort are experienced in the form of arthritis. Just like arthritis in humans and dogs, CBD oil can quickly and efficiently alleviate the painful stiffness associated with aging joint.
  • Asthma – any person who struggles with asthma knows that struggling to breathe can inhibit their daily activities. No cat should have to struggle with breathing. Applying the use of CBD oil can help reduce the effects asthma has on a cat’s lungs.
  • Digestion Issues – If a cat is struggling to properly digest certain types of foods, introducing CBD oil into their system can allow their body to process food more efficiently and less painfully.
  • Anxiety and Depression – Whether hormonal or situational, the emotional imbalance a cat may experience can be remedied with the calming effect of CBD Oil to bring back a happy, fun-loving cat.
  • Seizures and other neuropathic problems – Seizures can be life-threatening to any being. With the threat of permanent brain damage, it’s important to slow down or completely stop the electrical disruptions that cause seizures. The introduction of CBD oil into the system has been proven in both felines and humans to counteract seizures.
  • Cancer– Although there is no cure, CBD oil can assist in relieving the painful symptoms of various cancers and tumors to ensure one’s cat can live as comfortably as possible.

Overall, inciting the use of CBD oil in house cats is proven to improve their quality of life regardless of any emotional or physical distress they may be in. Each cat reacts differently, just as humans do, but by finding the right dosage, one can provide their cat with even more comfort and stress-relief.

How to choose the right CBD oil for a cat.

Making the choice to administer CBD oil to a beloved feline friend is just as important as learning how to purchase a product that is safe and sourced properly. Some attributes to help make the right decision include:

  • How the oil was farmed– Were the practices ethical when this product was farmed? Has the plant been grown with the use of harmful pesticides?
  • Method of extraction– Finding a business that extracts the CBD oil from the cannabis plant without the use of dangerous chemicals is important, as one may find the chemicals leave residue in the end product.
  • Concentration of CBD in the oil– Some businesses manufacture oil with so little CBD that it renders it virtually ineffective.
  • Third Party Testing– Without the monitoring of the FDA, business have the free will to add things into their products unchecked. It’s important to find a seller who uses a third-party testing facility that has no reason to lie about their analysis of the seller’s CBD oil.

Being informed can help keep a beloved kitty safe and healthy. When it comes to finding the perfect CBD product, there are many ways to go about researching a particular business. It’s important to vet the products using the criteria above as a way to safely ensure one’s housecat is getting the best possible and highest-quality medicinal care available.


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