CBD Oil for Endurance Athletes

Endurance training is not for the faint of heart. With long hours, intense exercises, and cumulative progress, endurance training is an intense physical workout that helps promote long term heart, and overall, body health. When an athlete is dedicated to their goals, nothing can help them achieve them like the addition of CBD oil into their daily diet. Aiding in stress relief, muscle repair, and pain management, CBD oil is the perfect tool an endurance trainer needs to fuel their latest workout and reach their newest goals.

What is endurance training?

There are considered to be four types of exercises classified by the American Heart Association

  • Strength
    • Weight training with the goal of increasing muscle mass and the ability to lift more weight.
  • Balance
    • Typically trained with calisthenics with the goal of increasing strength in the muscles and overall core balance.
  • Flexibility
    • Yoga training with the idea of perfecting balance and flexibility, bringing strength to the body as a whole.
  • Endurance
    • Also known as aerobic exercise, endurance training is the use of cardio to increase heart rate and promote long and intense workout outs like running, jumping rope, cycling, and more.

Endurance training is taxing on the body, which can deter some individuals from wanting to do aerobic exercises. Overall health in endurance trainers flourishes with each intense work out. Endurance activity keeps the hearts, lungs, and circulatory system working at full power to train the body to be able to withstand more and more cardio each time. All four types of aforementioned exercises are cumulative, meaning as an athlete builds up their muscle mass over time and their bodies get used to each intense exercise, they are able to do more of each exercise. Daily increases then accumulate into overall progress.

Why should someone be interested in endurance training?

People who undergo regular and intense physical activity are proven to reduce their risks for many diseases. Endurance training can aid people who are battling an assortment of ailments, including:

  • Heart disease
    • Overall heart health is extremely important to the body. People who work to strengthen their heart muscle are at a much lower risk of developing heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Endurance training especially helps with those who have high blood pressure, which is extremely dangerous if left uncontrolled.
  • Diabetes
    • Regular exercise can promote insulin production more efficiently, lowering dangerous blood sugar levels. The implementation of endurance training for those with both type 1 and 2 diabetes can drastically reduce symptoms, control weight, and boost overall energy.
  • Arthritis
    • Endurance exercises, while seeming counterproductive to aching joints, can actually reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis. As someone builds their cardiovascular abilities, arthritic symptoms like stiff joints and motion pain can be drastically reduced. With the addition of CBD oil and endurance training, they can live with their arthritis and its reduced symptoms.
  • Cancer
    • Endurance training can help stall or reduce the effects of preexisting cancers by improving quality of life and promoting healthy habits that allow the body to regain control. Exercise has been shown to drastically improve physical function and overall health in those suffering from many cancers ranging from breast cancer to stomach cancer. Endurance training can also lower the risk of developing cancers in the future.
  • Dementia
    • Intense or moderate endurance exercises in those diagnosed with dementia has been shown to improve cognitive function and quality of life. People with a regular active lifestyle are at a lower risk of developing dementia and other degenerative brain diseases.

How do endurance training and CBD oil go together?

Is there a place for CBD oil in the world of endurance training? People who are passionate about this progressive exercise technique are typically extremely health conscious, typically paying attention to what they consume. From healthy food to beneficial supplements, the products that people choose to fuel their endurance training is almost as important as the training itself. The implementation of CBD oil into a regimen can greatly improve the health effects already being reaped from endurance training. Some of the benefits someone can expect from adding CBD oil into their daily routine can include:

  • Performance Anxiety
    • CBD oil targets anxiety and depression, allowing relief from the effects of anxiety before shows for those who participate. CBD oil can also help those who are nervous about trying out a public gym, easing the anxious feelings they may experience before a workout and allowing them to fully make use of their exercise time.
  • Mental Clarity
    • The use of CBD oil has shown cognitive enhancements in people who use it regularly. Not only will this help them prepare for endurance training with a clear mental picture, but it can also give them the everyday clarity needed to make important diet and training decisions.
  • Muscle Pain
    • Endurance training isn’t without its trials and tribulations. Individuals who train their muscle groups intensely will experience the pain of healing, which is an important step in the overall progress for endurance trainers. Not only will CBD oil relieve the pain involved with muscle healing, but it will also promote healthy and quick muscle growth to speed up the process so trainers can make even more progress in less time.
  • Inflammation
    • CBD oil is extremely well known in scientific studies for its acute ability to reduce inflammation anywhere in the body. Common for athletes and regular endurance trainers, inflammation of the muscles and other body parts can easily stall progress with the pain and healing time needed to recover properly.

Anyone interested in beginning their endurance training journey, or even if they are already well versed in the way of this progressive exercise regimen, CBD oil can benefit anyone. From inflammation control to the healing of sore muscles, CBD oil is an extremely beneficial tool for people who are interested in promoting their health even more. Those conscious of what they put into their bodies will be excited to learn that organic CBD oil is processed with only the highest quality techniques in place. Those looking to increase their stamina with endurance training can add the use of CBD oil to promote long-lasting health for the whole body.


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